No. Date Title Location


1. 20th October 2021 New Covid-19 cluster detected in vocational college in Jalan Matang, Kuching Kuching, Sarawak
2. 20th October 2021 Covid-19: 15 deaths, 3 BID cases in S’wak from Oct 11-19 Kuching, Sarawak
3. 20th October 2021 Covid-19: Only 1.43 pct of767 new cases in S’wak in Categories 3,4 and 5 Kuching, Sarawak
4. 19th October 2021 Covid-19: 13 deaths, 2 BID cases in Sarawak from Oct 9-18 Kuching, Sarawak
5. 19th October 2021 Covid-19: 70.1 pct Sarawak’s total population fully vaccinated – JKNS Kuching, Sarawak
6. 18th October 2021 Eight Covid-19 clusters in S’wak end, says SDMC Kuching, Sarawak
7. 18th October 2021 Covid-19: Sarawak logs second-day of under 1,000 cases with 694 today Kuching, Sarawak
8. 17th October 2021 730 new cases, lowest in two months Kuching, Sarawak
9. 17th October 2021 13 deaths between Oct 11 and Oct 16 Kuching, Sarawak
10. 17th October 2021 Four more longhouses placed under EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
11. 16th October 2021 Covid-19: 12 fatalities recorded in S’wak from Oct 4 to 15, including two BID cases Kuching, Sarawak
12. 16th October 2021 Covid-19: 97.35 pct of new cases in S’wak in Category 1, 2 Kuching, Sarawak
13. 15th October 2021 Some 100 Kapit frontliners receive Covid-19 booster dose Miri, Sarawak
14. 15th October 2021 Covid-19: 97.82 pct of new cases in Sarawak in Category 1,2 Miri, Sarawak
15. 15th October 2021 Booster vaccine shot is normal practice – Dr Roland Miri, Sarawak
16. 14th October 2021 Covid-19: 98.11 pct of S’wak’s 1,061 new cases today in Categories 1 and 2 Sibu, Sarawak
17. 14th October 2021 Covid-19: 23 more die in Sarawak including 5 BID from Oct 1-13 Sibu, Sarawak
18. 13th October 2021 Current Covid-19 booster shots only for Pfizer recipients – S’wak Heath director Kuching, Sarawak
19. 13th October 2021 Sarawak Covid-19 cases rose to 1,165 today, says SDMC Kuching, Sarawak
20. 13th October 2021 Sarawak to begin administering third dose, booster shots today, says Health deputy director Kuching, Sarawak
21. 12th October 2021 28 Covid-19 deaths between Sept 30 and Oct 11 Kuching, Sarawak
22. 12th October 2021 New cases in state down to 834 Kuching, Sarawak
23. 11th October 2021 Covid-19 new cases in Kuching drop below 200 mark for first time in two months Kuching, Sarawak
24. 11th October 2021 Covid-19 Malaysia’s new infections drop further to 6,709 Kuching, Sarawak
25. 11th October 2021 90 percent of State’s population fully vaccinated Kuching, Sarawak
26. 11th October 2021 Sibu Hospital prepares for the worse Sibu, Sarawak
27. 10th October 2021 Covid-19: Malaysia records 7,373 new cases, cumulative cases now at 2,339,594 Kuching, Sarawak
28. 10th October 2021 MoH: Sarawak’s ICU bed utilisation rate stands at 71.5 pct Kuching, Sarawak
29. 10th October 2021 Malaysia needs another 0.6 pct of adults to be fully vaccinated to lift interstate travel ban – Health DG Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia needs another 0.6 pct of adults to be fully vaccinated to lift interstate travel ban-Health-DG/
30. 9th October 2021 5-year-old state’s youngest Covid fatality Kuching, Sarawak
31. 9th October 2021 1,116 cases in Categories 1 and 2; no new cluster Kuching, Sarawak
32. 8th  October 2021 Early detection of cases crucial Kuching, Sarawak
33. 8th  October 2021 Sarawak recorded 1,339 Covid-19 cases on Friday Kuching, Sarawak
34. 7th  October 2021 State reports 20 fatalities with six brought-in dead cases Kuching, Sarawak
35. 7th  October 2021 Slight drop in number of Covid-19 cases on Thursday Kuching, Sarawak
36. 7th  October 2021 Rep lauds Covid-19 vaccination booster dose rollout Kuching, Sarawak
37. 6th  October 2021 22 latest deaths including seven BID cases Kuching, Sarawak
38. 6th  October 2021 State records 1,503 new cases, 98.74 percent in categories 1,2 Kuching, Sarawak
39. 6th  October 2021 Field hospital being set up in Miri Miri, Sarawak
40. 6th  October 2021 Bringing vaccines to rural folk Miri, Sarawak
41. 5th October 2021 SOP  non-compliance main cause of Covid-19 spread among villagers Kuching, Sarawak
42. 5th October 2021 State records slight increase in new cases Kuching, Sarawak
43. 4th October 2021 Drop in cases recorded Kuching, Sarawak
44. 4th October 2021 20 backlog death cases confirmed Kuching, Sarawak
45. 3rd   October 2021 1,418 new cases in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
46. 2nd   October 2021 Sarawak records slight drop in cases Kuching, Sarawak
47. 1st October 2021 Sepangah Cluster in Limbang latest addition Kuching, Sarawak
48. 1st October 2021 2,401 cases in Category 1 and 2 Kuching, Sarawak
49. 30th September 2021 EMCO enforced in 19 new localities between Sept 30 to Oct 11 Kuching, Sarawak
50. 30th September 2021 2,487 new positive cases, 15 deaths Kuching, Sarawak
51. 30th September 2021 Update MySejahtera app it self-test result positive Kuching, Sarawak
52. 29th  September 2021 Covid-16: 26 deaths in Sarawak since Sept 19-28, 11 BID Kuching, Sarawak
53. 29th  September 2021 Covid-19: 99.56 pct of 2,967 cases in Sarawak in Categories 1,2 – SDMC Kuching, Sarawak
54. 29th  September 2021 Sarawak tops country’s Covid-19 infections with 2,967 cases Kuching, Sarawak
55. 28th September 2021 12 localities to undergo EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
56. 28th September 2021 99.41 per cent of Tuesday’s cases Categories 1 and 2 Kuching, Sarawak
57. 28th September 2021 16 deaths reported in state Kuching, Sarawak
58. 27th September 2021 Sarawak to lead the way with booster vaccine Kuching, Sarawak
59. 27th September 2021 313 children of soldiers, civil servants jabbed Sibu, Sarawak
60. 26th September 2021 Khairy: EM3 mln approved for Sarawak to outsource non-Covid-19 procedures to private hospital Kuching, Sarawak Khairy: rm3 mln approved for Sarawak to outsource non Covid-19 procedures to private hospitals/
61. 26th September 2021 Khairy announces several additional health resources to help Sarawak cope with surge in Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak Khairy announces several additional health resources to help Sarawak cope with surge in Covid-19 cases/
62. 26th September 2021 Covid-19 vaccination drive for teens aged 12 to 15 runs until Wednesday Miri, Sarawak
63. 26th September 2021 Dr Annuar advises public to continue takeaway to reduce risk of infection Sibu, Sarawak
64. 25th September 2021 Julin Dabai Cluster latest to emerge; 16 new localities under EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
65. 25th September 2021 State reports ten latest Covid-19 deaths Kuching, Sarawak
66. 25th September 2021 Slight decrease in positive cases Kuching, Sarawak
67. 24th September 2021 13 localities to undergo EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
68. 24th September 2021 15 deaths between Sept 4-23 Kuching, Sarawak
69. 24th September 2021 Sarawak record increase in cases Kuching, Sarawak
70. 23rd September 2021 Free Covid-19 swab test scheduled for Rampangi Phase 2 residents this Saturday Kuching, Sarawak
71. 22nd September 2021 State records sharp decrease of 2,020 cases over the previous day’s tally Kuching, Sarawak
72. 22nd September 2021 New Covid-19 cluster involving gov’t training institute detected at Jalan Puncak Borneo Kuching, Sarawak
73. 22nd September 2021 Dr Sim: Scientific data needed from Covid-19 vaccine for inoculation of Malaysia’s children Kuching, Sarawak Dr sim: scientific data needed from covid-19 vaccine makers for inoculation of Malaysia’s children/
74. 21st September 2021 Sarawak to vaccinated healthy teens aged 12 to 15 Kuching, Sarawak
75. 21st September 2021 Relevant SOPs must be established as tourism reopens Asajaya, Sarawak
76. 20 th September 2021 Four new clusters identified Kuching, Sarawak
77. 20 th September 2021 Increase in state’s Covid cases Kuching, Sarawak
78. 20 th September 2021 Medical frontliners to get top priority for booster vaccine Kuching, Sarawak
79. 19th September 2021 Study underway in Sibu on 1.500 Covid-19 patients Sibu, Sarawak
80. 18th September 2021 Self-test kit good for early detection Mukah, Sarawak
81. 18th September 2021 State records three new clusters Kuching, Sarawak
82. 18th September 2021 Six out of 10 fatalities brought in dead Kuching, Sarawak
83. 18th September 2021 Kuching tops in new cases Kuching, Sarawak
84. 17th September 2021 Five deaths, 3660 new cases with only one categories 3-5 Kuching, Sarawak
85. 15th September 2021 Most fatalities had comorbid disease Kuching, Sarawak
86. 15th September 2021 Backlog reason for high 4,709 new cases Kuching, Sarawak
87. 15th September 2021 19 more localities in state under EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
88. 14th September 2021 16 longhouse among 24 lovations placed under EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
89. 14th September 2021 Sarawak’s Covid-19 cases dip to 1,983 as Kuching reports 561 new cases Kuching, Sarawak
90. 14th September 2021 Selangau Pasar Tamu closes for disinfection Sibu, Sarawak
91. 14th September 2021 New field hospital for Covid patients Kuching, Sarawak
92. 14th September 2021 Nursing home, children’s home among four new Covid-19 clusters announced in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
93. 13th September 2021 RTK-Antigen tests only for Bintulu now Kuching, Sarawak
94. 13th September 2021 State records six new community clusters Kuching, Sarawak
95. 13th September 2021 Decrease in cases recorded Kuching, Sarawak
96. 13th September 2021 Jabs will ensure safe return to school Kuching, Sarawak
97. 12th September 2021 State records 8 fatalities, another community cluster Kuching, Sarawak
98. 12th September 2021 Increased active contact tracing result in backlog, high number of cases Kuching, Sarawak
99. 12th September 2021 EMCO enforced at 14 new localities in state Kuching, Sarawak
100. 11th September 2021 20 localities placed under EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
101. 11th September 2021 Two new clusters in Pakan district Kuching, Sarawak
102. 11th September 2021 Slight increase in new cases Kuching, Sarawak
103. 10th September 2021 Just one new cluster; Suchong Balut cluster Kuching, Sarawak
104. 10th September 2021 Five deaths, record 3,734 new cases Kuching, Sarawak
105. 9th September 2021 Two new clusters in Bintulu Kuching, Sarawak
106. 9th September 2021 State registers nine deaths Kuching, Sarawak
107. 9th September 2021 3118 new cases but mostly mild Kuching, Sarawak
108. 8th September 2021 Two new clusters declared Kuching, Sarawak
109. 8th September 2021 Slight decrease in positive cases Kuching, Sarawak
110. 7th September 2021 Five new clusters announced Kuching, Sarawak
111. 7th September 2021 State records 3,200 new cases, seven deaths Kuching, Sarawak
112. 6th September 2021 Kuching hotspot for new cases Kuching, Sarawak
113. 6th September 2021 12 deaths bring toll to 576 Kuching, Sarawak
114. 6th September 2021 Seven new clusters reported in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
115. 5th September 2021 Sarawak enforces EMCO in 35 new localities Kuching, Sarawak
116. 5th September 2021 Four new clusters emerge in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
117. 5th September 2021 State records 15 deaths Kuching, Sarawak
118. 5th September 2021 Record high 3.747 new cases Category 1 and 2 Kuching, Sarawak
119. 4th September 2021 No swab for asymptomatic patients Kuching, Sarawak
120. 4th September 2021 Miri, Subis and Beluru are now red zones Miri, Sarawak
121. 4th September 2021 23 more localities in Sarawak under EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
122. 4th September 2021 Three new clusters declared Kuching, Sarawak
123. 4th September 2021 Increase in number of cases Kuching, Sarawak
124. 3rd September 2021 18 locations in eight district to undergo EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
125. 3rd September 2021 Sarawak’s Covid-19 death toll now at 547 Kuching, Sarawak
126. 3rd September 2021 2,452 Category 1 and 2 cases on Friday Kuching, Sarawak
127. 3rd September 2021 MCO for southern Sarawak until Sept 19 Kuching, Sarawak
128. 2nd September 2021 Eight new clusters emerge Kuching, Sarawak
129. 2nd September 2021 Covid-19 self-test kits subsidy make it more affordable Kuching, Sarawak
130. 2nd September 2021 Current Covid-19 strategies insuffient Kuching, Sarawak
131. 2nd September 2021 Sarawak does not have most Delta cases in country Kuching, Sarawak
132. 1st September 2021 Nineteen new localities under EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
133. 1st September 2021 Two new clusters in Limbang Kuching, Sarawak
134. 1st September 2021 Wednesday’s seven deaths push toll to 533 Kuching, Sarawak
135. 1st September 2021 Kuching records most Covid-19 cases in wednesday Kuching, Sarawak
136. 31st August 2021 Limbang turns red, six more loalities under EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
137. 30th August 2021 NRP menas nothing if SOPs not adhered to Kuching, Sarawak
138. 30th August 2021 Three new clusters identified Kuching, Sarawak
139. 30th August 2021 10 active clusters identified in Miri Miri, Sarawak
140. 30th August 2021 Decrease in case today Kuching, Sarawak
141. 29th August 2021 One new cluster identified Kuching, Sarawak
142. 29th August 2021 35,517 new cases this month Kuching, Sarawak
143. 28th August 2021 Delta is dominant variant in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
144. 28th August 2021 Six new clusters declared Kuching, Sarawak
145. 28th August 2021 Sarawak records increase in cases Kuching, Sarawak
146. 28th August 2021 Eight new clusters announced Kuching, Sarawak
147. 27th August 2021 SOPs in southern zone extended Kuching, Sarawak
148. 27th August 2021 17 localities undergo EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
149. 27th August 2021 Most cases come under Category 1, three deaths Kuching, Sarawak
150. 26th August 2021 State records four new clusters Kuching, Sarawak
151. 26th August 2021 Sarawak tips the 2k mark again with 2,024 cases, two deaths Kuching, Sarawak
152. 25th August 2021 Kampung Opar, Bau is latest community cluster Kuching, Sarawak
153. 25th August 2021 Five more lives lost to Covid-19 as toll hits 508 Kuching, Sarawak
154. 25th August 2021 Sarawak records cumulative total of 103,048 cases Kuching, Sarawak
155. 24th August 2021 Department announces two new clusters Kuching, Sarawak
156. 24th August 2021 Sarawak records 1,543 new cases Kuching, Sarawak
157. 23rd August 2021 Need for more swabbing centres to reduce congestion Kuching, Sarawak
158. 23rd August 2021 Partial lockdowns in Bintulu planned Kuching, Sarawak
159. 22nd August 2021 Three new clusters identified in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
160. 22nd August 2021 Sarawak records 1,772 new cases Kuching, Sarawak
161. 22nd August 2021 Miri records 25 cases Miri, Sarawak
162. 21st August 2021 Latest SOPs for travellers to Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
163. 21st August 2021 27 localities placed under EMCO in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
164. 21st August 2021 New cases dip to 1,964 Kuching, Sarawak
165. 20th August 2021 Latest cluster involves Long Urun, Belaga longhouse Kuching, Sarawak
166. 20th August 2021 Sarawak records another all-time high Covid-19 cases Kuching, Sarawak
167. 19th August 2021 Delta Variant will not be the last Kuching, Sarawak
168. 19th August 2021 Couple apologise for causing cluster Debak, Sarawak
169. 19th August 2021 Two new community clusters declared Kuching, Sarawak
170. 19th August 2021 Sarawak recorder 1,206 cases; four fatalities on Thursday Kuching, Sarawak
171. 18th August 2021 Sharp increase in Delta variant cases in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
172. 18th August 2021 State records 11 new clusters Kuching, Sarawak
173. 18th August 2021 EMCO ends at seven localities Kuching, Sarawak
174. 18th August 2021 State registers 1,403 new cases, two deaths Kuching, Sarawak
175. 17th August 2021 Vaccination rollout for children being finalised Kuching, Sarawak
176. 17th August 2021 Bintulu MP again reminds people to comply with SOP Kuching, Sarawak
177. 16th August 2021 Sarawak sees record high 1,566 Covid-19 cases, fourth highest in Malaysia by region Kuching, Sarawak
178. 16th August 2021 Miri Division has achieved herd immunity Miri, Sarawak
179. 15th August 2021 No concrete data on Ivermectin use against Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
180. 15th August 2021 Premises, offices at risk must undergo sanitisation Kuching, Sarawak
181. 14th August 2021 725 new cases, three deaths Kuching, Sarawak
182. 14th August 2021 One new locality placed under EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
183. 13th August 2021 State declares six new clusters Kuching, Sarawak
184. 13th August 2021 State records two deaths, positive cases down to 715 Kuching, Sarawak
185. 12th August 2021 Social activities give rise to Covid-19 cases Kuching, Sarawak
186. 11th August 2021 31 percent of Tuesday’s Covid-19 patients below 18 years Kuching, Sarawak
187. 10th August 2021 New cases in Sarawak surge to 836, two deaths Kuching, Sarawak
188. 9th August 2021 SOP for fully vaccinated people soon Kuching, Sarawak
189. 8th August 2021 Covid cases go up again Kuching, Sarawak
190. 7th August 2021 New Sungai Serindak Cluster declared in Selangau Kuching, Sarawak
191. 7th August 2021 EMCO crucial to curb Delta Variant Kuching, Sarawak
192. 6th August 2021 ‘No Vaccine, no Entry’ to malls, supermarkets in Sibu Sibu, Sarawak
193. 6th August 2021 652 new Covid-19 cases; lower than previous day Kuching, Sarawak
194. 5th August 2021 Five new community clusters declared in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
195. 5th August 2021 Miri records 177 positive cases Miri, Sarawak
196. 4th August 2021 Seven new Covid-19 clusters recorded in Kuching Kuching, Sarawak
197. 4th August 2021 New cases in Sarawak up again Kuching, Sarawak
198. 3rd August 2021 32 Covid-19 cases from Subis District Miri, Sarawak
199. 2ndAugust 2021 EMCO for eight localities Kuching, Sarawak
200. 2ndAugust 2021 Sarawak records fewer new cases Kuching, Sarawak
201. 1stAugust 2021 Sarawak records 578 new cases Kuching, Sarawak
202. 31stJuly 2021 SDMC enforces EMCO in four new locations Kuching, Sarawak
203. 31stJuly 2021 Two new community clusters declared Kuching, Sarawak
204. 31stJuly 2021 Three new deaths bring toll to 462 Kuching, Sarawak
205. 31stJuly 2021 485 new cases recorded in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
206. 30thJuly 2021 Marudi and Matu turn from yellow to green; EMCO in four new locations Kuching, Sarawak
207. 30thJuly 2021 Nine new clusters emerge in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
208. 30thJuly 2021 Delta variant dominant strain in Kuching Kuching, Sarawak
209. 30thJuly 2021 450 new cases on Friday as rate falls Kuching, Sarawak
210. 29thJuly 2021 Five new Covid-19 clusters declared in Kuching and Simunjan Kuching, Sarawak
211. 29thJuly 2021 Sharp in increase in Covid-19 cases Kuching, Sarawak
212. 28thJuly 2021 EMCO imposed at four new localities Kuching, Sarawak
213. 28thJuly 2021 Sarawak cases up again Kuching, Sarawak
214. 27thJuly 2021 Five more under EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
215. 27thJuly 2021 Workplace clusters in Tatau, Bintulu Kuching, Sarawak
216. 27thJuly 2021 Highest number of new Covid 19 cases in Kuching Kuching, Sarawak
217. 26thJuly 2021 Covid cluster declared on shop in Bintulu waters Kuching, Sarawak
218. 26thJuly 2021 Severe Covid cases, ICU patients drop in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
219. 25thJuly 2021 93 Delta variant cases detected in Sarawak to date Kuching, Sarawak
220. 25thJuly 2021 98 per cent of Delta cases are in categories one and two Kuching, Sarawak
221. 25thJuly 2021 Two deaths, 407 new cases Kuching, Sarawak
222. 25thJuly 2021 Sinmunjan now a red zone Kuching, Sarawak
223. 25thJuly 2021 Vaccinees can still be infected by virus Kuching, Sarawak
224. 25thJuly 2021 50 cases detected as normal cases of infection Kuching, Sarawak
225. 25thJuly 2021 State records 200 fewer cases Kuching, Sarawak
226. 24thJuly 2021 Two deaths, one cluster ends Kuching, Sarawak
227. 24thJuly 2021 Betong, Pakan districts turn red Kuching, Sarawak
228. 24thJuly 2021 Strict SOPs in Bintulu may be re-imposed Kuching, Sarawak
229. 23rdJuly 2021 Seven locations to undergo EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
230. 23rdJuly 2021 New cluster involving workers quarters emerges in Bintulu Kuching, Sarawak
231. 23rdJuly 2021 Sarawak has highest number of Delta variant cases Kuching, Sarawak
232. 23rdJuly 2021 State records three deaths, 461 positive cases Kuching, Sarawak
233. 22ndJuly 2021 Sarawak to send oxygen supply for Covid patients in Kalimantan Kuching, Sarawak
234. 22ndJuly 2021 State’s Covid-19 cases jump to 644 Kuching, Sarawak
235. 22ndJuly 2021 Two new community clusters in Saratok Kuching, Sarawak
236. 22ndJuly 2021 Illegal immigrant is Sibu’s first Delta variant carrier Sibu, Sarawak
237. 21stJuly 2021 ‘Self-rule’ crucial amidst Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
238. 21stJuly 2021 Rh Gimang, Sarikei latest to undergo EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
239. 21stJuly 2021 Three new clusters identified statewide Kuching, Sarawak
240. 21stJuly 2021 58-year-old man succumbs to Covid-19 on Wednesday Kuching, Sarawak
241. 21stJuly 2021 76 new Delta variant cases detected Kuching, Sarawak
242. 21stJuly 2021 Sibu residents urged to remain vigilant over the Delta Variant Sibu, Sarawak
243. 20th July 2021 New localities placed under EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
244. 20th July 2021 Another workplace cluster emerges; Tanjung Manis turns green Kuching, Sarawak
245. 20th July 2021 Sarawak records 2 Covid-19 deaths, 351 new cases Kuching, Sarawak
246. 20th July 2021 Two new clusters identified Kuching, Sarawak
247. 20th July 2021 Four more localities under EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
248. 20th July 2021 New cases jump to 301, three deaths Kuching, Sarawak
249. 19th July 2021 CM to launch post-Covid-19 development strategy Kuching, Sarawak
250. 19th July 2021 Strict SOP compliance vital Kuching, Sarawak
251. 18th July 2021 Beluru is now a red zone Kuching, Sarawak
252. 18th July 2021 New cases dip below 300, one death Kuching, Sarawak
253. 18th July 2021 Delta variant much riskier Kuching, Sarawak
254. 17th July 2021 Limbang turns green; five localities were put under EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
255. 17th July 2021 Bedup Longgo Clucter makes Serian entry Kuching, Sarawak
256. 17th July 2021 Sarawak records 388 new cases, no death Kuching, Sarawak
257. 16th July 2021 11 localities undergo EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
258. 16th July 2021 Two more clusters declared in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
259. 16th July 2021 No new deaths, 423 cases recorded Kuching, Sarawak
260. 15th July 2021 Probe recurring outbreak Kuching, Sarawak
261. 15th July 2021 Two new Covid-19 clusters emerge Kuching, Sarawak
262. 15th July 2021 State records four death, 363 new cases Kuching, Sarawak
263. 14th July 2021 Another major outbreak at Sentosa Hospital Kuching, Sarawak
264. 14th July 2021 Three new clusters in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
265. 14th July 2021 New cases drop; four death Kuching, Sarawak
266. 13th July 2021 SDMC withdraws decision; dine-in still prohibited Kuching, Sarawak
267. 13th July 2021 16 more cases of Delta variant detected in Kuching Kuching, Sarawak
268. 13th July 2021 State records 235 new cases, one death Kuching, Sarawak
269. 13th July 2021 Kampung Kendaie Cluster declared in Lundu District Kuching, Sarawak
270. 12th July 2021 State records 270 new cases, one death Kuching, Sarawak
271. 12th July 2021 Another longhouse put ander EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
272. 12th July 2021 Sibu active cases lowest in 27 weeks Kuching, Sarawak
273. 12th July 2021 Be careful! Illegals might be carriers Kuching, Sarawak
274. 10th July 2021 Sarawak moves into second phase of recovery plan Kuching, Sarawak
275. 10th July 2021 Infected prison inmates, staff to be isolated Kuching, Sarawak
276. 10th July 2021 New cluster declared in Sarikei district Kuching, Sarawak
277. 10th July 2021 State records 352 new cases Kuching, Sarawak
278. 10th July 2021 Sarawak prepares to tackel DEADLY DELTA Kuching, Sarawak
279. 10th July 2021 State has four new clusters Kuching, Sarawak
280. 9th July 2021 406 cases, three deaths Kuching, Sarawak
281. 9th July 2021 Two new places under EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
282. 9th July 2021 Sarawakians reminded to take precaution Kuching, Sarawak
283. 8th July 2021 Covid-19: Two more longhouses in Sarawak placed under EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
284. 8th July 2021 Covid-19: Delta, Beta, Theta, Eta variants detected in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
285. 7th July 2021 Covid-19: Lundu, Pakan revert to orange zones, Everrise Plaza Merdeka in Kuching listed in HIDE Kuching, Sarawak
286. 7th July 2021 Covid-19: 289 new cases in Sarawak as Malaysia records 7,097 new cases Kuching, Sarawak
287. 6th July 2021 Kampung Mambong in Kuching among seven localities placed under EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
288. 6th July 2021 Dr Yii: Allow MPs to debate on Covid-19 situation, Emergency Ordinance Kuching, Sarawak
289. 5th July 2021 Covid-19: Kuala Baram factory contributes 113 cases to Sarawak’s 424 infections today Kuching, Sarawak
290. 5th July 2021 Sarawak eyes daily vaccination rate up to 65,000 towards reaching herd immunity by mid-August Kuching, Sarawak
291. 4th July 2021 Covid-19: Outreach programme best method to get more people vaccinated in Sibu division – Dr Annuar Sibu, Sarawak
292. 4th July 2021 Sarawak now aims at between 60,000 and 65,000 Covid-19 jabs daily to achieve herd immunity by mid-August – Health director Kuching, Sarawak
293. 3rd July 2021 Covid-19: Sarawak’s new cases drop to 361, nationwide 6,658 Kuching, Sarawak
294. 3rd July 2021 Covid-19: Sarawak records one death; new daily cases drop to 361 Kuching, Sarawak
295. 2nd July 2021 Over 2,000 association members to get first dose of Covid-19 vaccine at The Spring Shopping Mall this weekend Kuching, Sarawak
296. 2nd July 2021 Uggah: Sarawak still free of Covid-19 Delta variant Kuching, Sarawak
297. 1st July 2021 Covid-19: Four fatalities in Sarawak today with 544 new infections Kuching, Sarawak
298. 1st July 2021 Covid-19: 544 new cases in Sarawak as Malaysia records 6,988 cases Kuching, Sarawak
299. 30 June 2021 Flying doctor service brings Covid-19 vaccines to seven Long Beyak villagers Tatau, Sarawak
300. 30 June 2021 Vaccination drive in Song District progressing smoothly Kapit, Sarawak
301. 29 June 2021 Fatimah: About 2,000 kindy educators, assistants vaccinated as of June 24 Kuching, Sarawak
302. 29 June 2021 Sibu Division on track to vaccinate 5,000 recipients daily in July Sibu, Sarawak
303. 28 june 2021 Abdul Karim: Sarawak first state in country to provide Covid-19 vaccination for state athletes, coaches Kuching, Sarawak
304. 28 June 2021 Covid-19: 409 new cases in Sarawak today, two more deaths  Kuching, Sarawak
305. 27 June 2021 54 pct of Tebedu folk have received first dose Kuching, Sarawak
306. 27 June 2021 Batu Danau records close to 70 pct of rural folk receiving Dose 1 of Covid-19 vaccine Limbang, Sarawak
307. 24 June 2021 Dr Sim: Sarawak trialling vaccinating eligible residents under EMCO prior to quarantine release Kuching, Sarawak
308. 24 June 2021 Covid-19: Sarawak records 581 new cases, third highest in the country Kuching, Sarawak
309. 24 June 2021 910,595 people in S’wak already vaccinated – Uggah Kuching, Sarawak
310. 24 June 2021 Covid-19: No deaths in Sarawak, 581 new infections today Kuching, Sarawak
311. 24 June 2021 New Covid-19 cluster at Jalan Puncak Borneo rehab centre among four detected in S’wak today Kuching, Sarawak
312. 24 June 2021 Sarawak Covid-19 red zones drop to 29 after Dalat reverts to orange – SDMC Kuching, Sarawak
313. 24 June 2021 Only Health Ministry can declare State Prison Covid-19 cluster – Dr Sim Kuching, Sarawak
314. 24 June 2021 Accelerated Covid-19 vaccinations: S’wak administers 468,444 doses in just 10 days Kuching, Sarawak
315. 24 June 2021 Flash flood hits Sibu Jaya PPV, but vaccinations continue Sibu, Sarawak
316. 23 June 2021 Sarawak expects to get Cansino Covid-19 vaccine from mid-July Kuching, Sarawak
317. 23 June 2021 Covid-19: S’wak records three more deaths, 577 new cases today Kuching, Sarawak
318. 23 June 2021 Covid-19: Four new clusters involving longhouses detected in S’wak Kuching, Sarawak
319. 23 June 2021 Miri’s first drive-thru swab-test, vaccination station set for operations next week Miri, Sarawak
320. 22 June 2021 Seven more private clinics in Miri approved as Covid-19 vaccination centres Miri, Sarawak
321. 22 June 2021 Covid-19: 507 new cases for Sarawak, fourth highest in the country Kuching, Sarawak
322. 22 June 2021 Covid-19: S’wak records 7 deaths involving 4 from Sibu, 507 new cases Kuching, Sarawak
323. 22 June 2021 Dr Sim: BCCK vaccination centre to begin offering Sinovac, Pfizer from today Kuching, Sarawak
324. 22 June 2021 Dr Sim: 43,809 doses of vaccine administered in S’wak on Sunday Kuching, Sarawak
325. 21 June 2021 Covid-19: Three new clusters detected in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
326. 21 June 2021 Covid-19: 682 new infections in Sarawak with Kapit top of list Kuching, Sarawak
327. 21 June 2021 RMC may increase vaccination capacity to 1,200 daily at Sibu Civic Centre Sibu, Sarawak
328. 21 June 2021 Provide clear directive on vaccination for interior areas, Baru urges SDMC Kuching, Sarawak
329. 21 June 2021 PSB: Cut Covid-19 vaccine registration red tape to allow people to be vaccinated soonest Kuching, Sarawak
330. 20 June 2021 Covid-19: 661 new cases in Sarawak as Malaysia records 5,293 cases Kuching, Sarawak
331. 20 June 2021 Covid-19: Total tally of cases in S’wak hits 59,800 after registering 661 new infections; 2 deaths Kuching, Sarawak
332. 20 June 2021 Covid-19: Four new clusters recorded in S’wak, three from Kuching Kuching, Sarawak
333. 20 June 2021 MCO: 238,169 vehicles checked in Kuching from June 1-19 Kuching, Sarawak
334. 20 June 2021 Dr Sim: MCO may not be extended if Covid-19 cases down Kuching, Sarawak
335. 19 June 2021 Covid-19: 5 deaths, 569 new cases in Sarawak today Kuching, Sarawak
336. 19 June 2021 Ismail Sabri: Army to assist Covid-19 vaccinations in S’wak, Sabah rural areas Kuching, Sarawak
337. 19 June 2021 Masing gives thumbs up to Cansino vaccine conditional approval Kuching,  Sarawak
338. 19 June 2021 331 disabled individuals receive Covid-19 vaccines at Normah Kuching,  Sarawak
339. 19 June 2021 Santubong MP wants to meet Khairy personally and request for more Covid-19 vaccines Kuching, Sarawak
340. 18 June 2021 Covid-19: 7 deaths, 536 new cases in Sarawak today Kuching, Sarawak
341. 18 June 2021 Limbang district the sole Covid-19 green zone in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
342. 18 June 2021 Mobile PPVs driving up vaccination rate in Bukit Mabong Kapit, Sarawak
343. 18 June 2021 Sarawak gov’t asked to speed up mass vaccinations at workplaces Kuching, Sarawak
344. 18 June 2021 8,395 individuals in Lundu vaccinated as of June 16 Kuching, Sarawak
345. 17 June 2021 Covid-19: Two deaths, 559 new infections in Sarawak today Kuching, Sarawak
346. 17 June 2021 Covid-19 clusters detected at two elderly care centres in Kuching Kuching, Sarawak
347. 17 June 2021 Covid-19: Matu District becomes Sarawak’s 30th red zone Kuching, Sarawak
348. 17 June 2021 Sibu’s Agape Centre to run second phase of vaccinations for those with special needs Sibu, Sarawak
349. 17 June 2021 Covid-19: Slight drop in cases for Sarawak with 559 recorded today Kuching, Sarawak
350. 17 June 2021 S’wak receives 44,000 more doses of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine Kuching, Sarawak
351. 16 June 2021 Sarawak aims at 50,000 Covid-19 vaccine jabs daily for herd immunity by August Kuching, Sarawak
352. 16 June 2021 Over 500 in Selangau vaccinated under Covid-19 mobile outreach Selangau, Sarawak
353. 16 June 2021 Covid-19-positive Fadillah touched by prayers, well-wishes from people


Kuching, Sarawak
354. 15 June 2021 Covid-19: Another day of over 700 new cases in Sarawak as Malaysia records 5,419 cases Kuching, Sarawak
355. 15 June 2021 582 people receive first dose of Covid-19 vaccine at PPV in Sibujaya


Sibu, Sarawak
356. 15 June 2021 Nanta: No breach of SOPs at CM’s Kapit function Kapit, Sarawak
357. 15 June 2021 More vaccination centres to be opened in Selangau Sibu, Sarawak
358. 15 June 2021 SDDMC: Over 19,000 people in Sibu have completed Covid-19 vaccination Sibu, Sarawak
359. 14 June 2021 Covid-19: 744 new cases, 5 deaths in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
360. 13 June 2021 Remote Penan village of Long Lamai in Sarawak placed under EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
361. 13 June 2021 ‘Curbing danger trumps inconvenience in fight against Covid-19


Kuching, Sarawak
362. 12 June 2021 Covid-19: 4 deaths, 569 new cases; Sibu and Kuching record triple-digit cases Kuching, Sarawak
363. 12 June 2021 Two new Covid-19 clusters related to Gawai celebrations detected in Sarawak, says SDMC Kuching, Sarawak
364. 8 June 2021 Covid-19: 1 death, 707 new cases in Sarawak; Kuching leads with 247 cases 8 June 2021
365. 7 June 2021 Covid-19: 703 new cases in Sarawak today, second highest in country Kuching, Sarawak
366. 6th June 2021 Covid-19: 4 deaths, 600 new cases in Sarawak


Kuching, Sarawak
367. 5th June 2021 Covid-19: 2 deaths, 651 new cases in Sarawak


Kuching, Sarawak
368. 4th June 2021 Covid-19: 5 deaths, 706 new cases in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
369. 31st May 2021 Covid-19: Sarawak extending MCO to June 14


Kuching, Sarawak
370. 28th May 2021 Covid-19: 4 deaths, 698 new cases in Sarawak


Kuching, Sarawak
371. 28th May 2021 Entire S’wak placed under MCO till June 11 Kuching, Sarawak
372. 25th May 2021 Four private medical facilities to dispense Covid-19 vaccines in Sibu Sibu, Sarawak
373. 24th May 2021 Red zones in Sarawak now at 25 after Julau turns red Kuching, Sarawak
374. 24th May 2021 Covid-19: New workplace cluster detected at Tanjung Manis with 11 cases Kuching, Sarawak
375. 24th May 2021 Children under 12 not allowed in certain places, 6am-8pm operating hours for all sectors under new SOP in S’wak Kuching, Sarawak
376. 24th May 2021 Covid-19: Sarawak records 3 deaths, 530 new cases; Sibu leads with 142 Kuching, Sarawak
377. 24th May 2021 Covid-19: 530 cases in Sarawak today, second highest in Malaysia Kuching, Sarawak
378. 23rd May 2021 Sarawak records 4 new clusters, including 2 in Kuching related to Hari Raya celebration Kuching, Sarawak
379. 23rd May 2021 Covid-19: 663 new cases, 3 deaths in Sarawak today Kuching, Sarawak
380. 22nd May 2021 Covid-19: New cases surge to 749, Kuching tops list with 149 due to Hari Raya movement Kuching, Sarawak
381. 21st May 2021 Covid-19: Red zones in Sarawak drop to 24 after Bau district changes to orange Kuching, Sarawak
382. 21st May 2021 Covid 19: Record 8 deaths for Sarawak, 612 new cases Kuching, Sarawak
383. 20th May 2021 Covid 19: Two new clusters detected in Kuching and Serian Kuching, Sarawak
384. 20th May 2021 Covid 19: 608 new cases, two fatalities in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
385. 18th May 2021 Covid-19: Red zones in Sarawak drop to 25 after Lundu reverts to orange Kuching, Sarawak
386. 18th May 2021 Covid-19: 512 new cases, 5 fatalities in Sarawak today Kuching, Sarawak
387. 17th May 2021 Covid-19: 433 new cases, 1 fatality in Sarawak today Kuching, Sarawak
388. 29th April 2021 Recent Covid-19 deaths among younger Sarawakians indicates group also at risk — Dr Annuar Sibu, Sarawak
389. 28th April 2021 Covid-19: Tanjung Manis turns orange, Simunjan sole green zone in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
390. 28th April 2021 Covid-19: Baleh hydro dam construction site under EMCO after 243 workers test positive Kuching, Sarawak
391. 28th April 2021 Five new cases pushes Tanjung Manis into Covid-19 orange zone Kuching, Sarawak
392. 28th April 2021 48 per cent Covid-19 cases reported in Kapit, Sibu, Bintulu, Meradong and Miri Kuching, Sarawak
393. 28th April 2021 School closure in Sarawak’s Covid-19 red zones extended to May 10 Kuching, Sarawak
394. 27th April 2021 Covid-19: Simunjan district last green zone remaining in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
395. 27th April 2021 SDMC: 8 locations in 5 districts including a secondary school in Sibu placed under 2-week EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
396. 27th April 2021 Covid-19: Sarawak records 432 new cases, 3 deaths Kuching, Sarawak
397. 26th April 2021 Sarawak CMCO extended further to May 17 as Covid-19 cases surge Kuching, Sarawak
398. 26th April 2021 SDMC: Those who have been in India over past 30 days to be barred from entering Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
399. 26th April 2021 Sarawak continues to record second-highest daily new Covid-19 cases with 615 Kuching, Sarawak
400. 26th April 2021 SUPP to S’wak govt: Defer decision to allow foreign workers to enter state to prevent more imported Covid-19 cases Miri, Sarawak
401. 26th April 2021 CMCO failed to keep number of Covid-19 cases in Sarawak down, says DAP lawmaker Bintulu, Sarawak
402. 25th April 2021 Covid-19: Green zones in Sarawak now at 2 after Lawas district turns yellow Kuching, Sarawak
403. 25th April 2021 Covid-19: Sarawak records 595 new cases, 3 deaths Kuching, Sarawak
404. 25th April 2021 Dr Annuar: 177 teachers, students from 85 schools in Sibu Division tested positive for Covid-19 between April 4-23 Sibu, Sarawak
405. 24th April 2021 No new Covid-19 clusters detected in Sarawak today, total active clusters at 56 Kuching, Sarawak
406. 24th April 2021 CMCO in Sarawak extended to May 10 Kuching, Sarawak
407. 23rd April 2021 Kabong turns orange, three green zones left in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
408. 23rd April 2021 Covid-19: 2 new clusters involving educational institutions declared in Saratok, Kapit Kuching, Sarawak
409. 23rd April 2021 SSDMC compounds 5 individuals for not complying with SOPs Sibu, Sarawak
410. 23rd April 2021 Covid-19: 717 new cases in Sarawak, two deaths in Miri and Sibu Kuching, Sarawak
411. 23rd April 2021 Second phase of Covid-19 vaccination programme begins in Kapit Kapit, Sarawak
412. 22nd April 2021 Covid-19: Pakan now orange, Lundu yellow after increase in cases Kuching, Sarawak
413. 22nd April 2021 Covid-19: Sarawak records 474 new cases, one death in Kapit Kuching, Sarawak
414. 22nd April 2021 No 14-day quarantine needed for Covid-19 vaccine recipients — Dr Chin Kuching, Sarawak
415. 21st April 2021 Song district now red zone, says SDMC Kuching, Sarawak
416. 21st April 2021 Covid-19: Meradong, Serian and Kuching records one new cluster each Kuching, Sarawak
417. 21st April 2021 Covid-19: S’wak cases drop to 429 but 4 more deaths Kuching, Sarawak
418. 21st April 2021 Swab-testing at longhouse triggers trauma in recovered Covid-19 patient Kanowit, Sarawak
419. 20th April 2021 Covid-19: Three new clusters detected in Sarawak today Kuching, Sarawak
420. 20th April 2021 Covid-19: Sarawak records 600 new cases, one fatality in Sarikei Kuching, Sarawak
421. 20th April 2021 Slow delivery of vaccine supply forces postponement of immunisation programme in Sibu Sibu, Sarawak
422. 20th April 2021 SMC chairman favours complete lockdown of Sibu to curb Covid-19 rise Sibu, Sarawak
423. 20th April 2021 Miri to receive 3,510 doses of vaccine for second phase of vaccination Miri, Sarawak
424. 19th April 2021 Covid-19: 4 new clusters detected in Sarawak today Kuching, Sarawak
425. 19th April 2021 Covid-19: Half of Sarawak’s 40 districts now red zones, four districts remain green Kuching, Sarawak
426. 19th April 2021 Covid-19: Three more deaths, 589 new cases in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
427. 19th April 2021 589 cases in Sarawak, highest in Malaysia Kuching, Sarawak
428. 23rd March 2021 Covid-19: Miri top district with 52 new cases, Sibu reports two deaths Kuching, Sarawak
429. 22th March 2021 More than 500 locations put under lockdown in Sarawak since Covid-19 outbreak Kuching, Sarawak
430. 21st March 2021 Bau reverts to yellow zone, sees only 14 Covid-19 cases in past forthnight Kuching, Sarawak
431. 20th March 2021 Sarawak sees 45 Covid-19 clusters in just 3 months in 2021, 35 remain active Kuching, Sarawak
432. 19th March 2021 SDMC: Latest two Covid-19 fatalities had no known comorbidities Kuching, Sarawak
433. 18th March 2021 Sg Atap cluster notches up cumulative state Covid-19 cases to 13, 413 Kuching, Sarawak
434. 18th March 2021 Construction works on ILP Serian halted, 5 Covid-19 cases detected on-site Kuching, Sarawak
435. 17th March 2021 Fourth batch of covid-19 Pfizer BioNTech vaccine arrive at Kuching Airport Kuching, Sarawak
436. 16th March 2021 Sibu clerk source of 34 covid-19 infections, creates kg hilir cluster Kuching, Sarawak
437. 15th March 2021 ‘Cockfighting’ Jln Muhibbah cluster’s latest spike fuels total tally 311 cases Kuching, Sarawak
438. 14th March 2021 Covid-19 case total for 3-week-old Sg Bakong secondary school cluster rises to 198 Kuching, Sarawak
439. 13th March 2021 Ting: Covid-19 situation in Sibu remains serious Kuching, Sarawak
440. 12th March 2021 Fake covid-19 test report; 11 arrested, clinic under investigation Kuching, Sarawak
441. 11th March 2021 New virus cases for ‘cockfighting’ Jalan Muhibbah Cluster up again by double digits Kuching, Sarawak
442. 10th March 2021 Two funeral cluster spark double-digit new infections Kuching, Sarawak
443. 9th March 2021 Another double-digit spike in Covid-19 cases for Jalan Muhibbah’s cockfighting cluster Kuching, Sarawak
444. 8th March 2021 Covid-19 cluster linked to cockfighting, funeral, gotong royong harvesting continue to grow Kuching, Sarawak
445. 7th March 2021 Bau falls into red territory after recording 18 new Covid-19 cases Kuching, Sarawak
446. 6th March 2021 Cockfighting Jalan Muhibbah cluster sees 31 new cases Kuching, Sarawak
447. 5th March 2021 Zone status of 26 covid-19 hit district remain the same while 14 others retain Kuching, Sarawak
448. 4th March 2021 Social gathering cluster jalan Muhibbah sees drastic jump with 66 covid-19 cases Kuching, Sarawak
449. 3rd March 2021 Lundu and Belaga back to green zone status Kuching, Sarawak
450. 2nd March 2021 Covid-19: surge in Betong with 49 cases reported overnight, sibu tops with 52 Kuching, Sarawak
451. 1st March 2021 Covid-19 five more cases traced to Gelong Cluster Kuching, Sarawak
452. 28th February 2021 Sibu records highest Covid-19 daily toll despite 70% dip from yesterday Kuching, Sarawak
453. 28th February 2021 Covid-19 situation in Jualu, Subis and Pakan improves Kuching, Sarawak
454. 28th February 2021 Nine clusters contribute 44 new cases to state’s Covid-19 tally Kuching, Sarawak
455. 27th February 2021 Funeral clusters, Gelong in Kapit sees new 25 cases, Kpg Emperoh another 5 Kuching, Sarawak
456. 23rd February 2021 Dr Jerip: Kg Emperoh Jambu turns into ghost town with villagers complying with EMCO Kuching, Sarawak
457. 23rd February 2021 Meradong turns red as Betong and Kanowit turn orange Kuching, Sarawak
458. 23rd February 2021 New Covid-19 cluster at Jln Muhibbah in Betong declared, Bah Sayap cluster ends Kuching, Sarawak
459. 22nd February 2021 Pasai and subcluster continue rampage with new casee Kuching, Sarawak
460. 22nd February 2021 Over 97,000 frontliners’ names secured for Covid-19 vaccination Kuching, Sarawak
461. 22nd February 2021 Covid-19: Meradong, Song turn into orange zones Kuching, Sarawak
462. 22nd February 2021 List of premises patronised by Covid-19 cases released on Feb 22, 2021 Kuching, Sarawak
463. 21st February 2021 Covid-19: Sarikei reverts to yellow zone today Kuching, Sarawak
464. 21st February 2021 List of premises patronised by Covid-19 cases released on Feb 21, 2021 Kuching, Sarawak
465. 21st February 2021 Sarawak to receive first batch of Covid-19 vaccine on Feb 24 Kuching, Sarawak
466. 20th February 2021 Notorious Pasai Cluster yields more new cases, 20 cases reported today, says SDMC Kuching, Sarawak
467. 20th February 2021 Covid-19: Sri Aman reverts to orange zone while Lundu, Lawas improve Kuching, Sarawak
468. 20th February 2021 List of premises patronised by Covid-19 cases released on Feb 20, 2021 Kuching, Sarawak
469. 19th February 2021 Pasai stays stubborn with 10 new cases; Univista spreads to Serian Kuching, Sarawak
470. 19th February 2021 Health director: More research needed to determine new strains of Covid-19 virus Kuching, Sarawak
471. 19th February 2021 199 new cases of Covid-19 in Sarawak today, 103 from Sibu alone Kuching, Sarawak
472. 15th February 2021 Kuchingites urged to be extra careful against Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
473. 15th February 2021 Covid-19 vaccination in Sarawak to start with frontliners on Feb 27, 2021 Kuching, Sarawak
474. 15th February 2021 Close contact tracing in Sibu yields 164 of 246 new cases in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
475. 14th February 2021 One medical personnel confirmed positive for Covid-19 in Sri Aman Kuching, Sarawak
476. 10th February 2021 Round two of Sibujaya mass Covid screening yields 28 infections Sibu, Sarawak
477. 09th February 2021 Covid-19: 700 people quarantined after Bintulu Prison staff infected, says MP Bintulu, Sarawak
478. 09th February 2021 Covid-19: No new clusters detected in S’wak today, total active clusters remain unchanged at 15 Kuching, Sarawak
479. 09th February 2021 Covid-19: 111 new cases in Sarawak today, 2 deaths in Sibu Kuching, Sarawak
480. 08th February 2021 Dr Chin: 22 out of 668 samples collected at Sibujaya market test positive for Covid-19 Sibu, Sarawak
481. 08th February 2021 Covid-19: 3 new deaths, 84 new positive cases in Sarawak today Kuching, Sarawak
482. 08th February 2021 Covid-19: Five more nedical personnel infected, total now 114 since Jan 25 Kuching, Sarawak
483. 08th February 2021 List of premises patronised by Covid-19 cases released on Feb 8, 2021 Kuching, Sarawak
484. 07th February 2021 Seruas Cluster emerges in Bakong Kuching, Sarawak
485. 07th February 2021 Covid-19: Sibu and Song accounts for almost half of 219 new cases reported in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
486. 07th February 2021 New Covid-19 cases push Samarahan into orange zone, Betong back to yellow Kuching, Sarawak
487. 07th February 2021 Zoning in Sibu, quarantine of close contacts to curb Covid-19 spread Kuching, Sarawak
488. 06th February 2021 Covid-19: Sarawak sees 185 new cases, 64 related to Pasai Cluster Kuching, Sarawak
489. 06th February 2021 Covid-19: Lundu turns red as Saratok sees new infection Kuching, Sarawak
490. 05th February 2021 Pasai cluster hard to nip, spreads infection in Sibu and five other districts Kuching, Sarawak
491. 05th February 2021 EMCO declared in Kampung Sebako in Lundu Kuching, Sarawak
492. 05th February 2021 Sibu reports four Covid-19 mortalities,notching total death tally to 48 Kuching, Sarawak
493. 04th February 2021 Despite over 3,000 cases since Jan, GPS gov’t confident of taming Covid-19 in S’wak Kuching, Sarawak
494. 04th February 2021 Unggah: Two longhouse contribute to 89 new Covid-19 cases today Kuching, Sarawak
495. 04th February 2021 Beluru declared red zone, notching up a total of nine red zones in state Kuching, Sarawak
496. 03rd February 2021 Sarawak records three Covid-19 deaths, 148 new cases Kuching, Sarawak
497. 03rd February 2021 Covid-19: No malicious intent, Ching Yong to meet Dr Annuar to discuss Sibu Jaya issue Kuching, Sarawak
498. 03rd February 2021 First batch of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine to arrive in Malaysia on Feb 26 Kuching, Sarawak
499. 02nd February 2021 Pasai Cluster registers 32 new Covid-19 cases, Kapit accounting for 19 Kuching, Sarawak
500. 02nd February 2021 Sarikei’s Covid-19 status improves to yellow Kuching, Sarawak
501. 02nd February 2021 Sibu, Miri, Kapit top list of daily Covid-19 infections as Sarawak reports 121 new cases Kuching, Sarawak
502. 02nd February 2021 Eight more medical staff test positive for Covid-19, pushes total to 85 Kuching, Sarawak
503. 01st February 2021 SDMC: Six more medical staff contract Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
504. 01st February 2021 Lundu, new victim of state’s biggest Pasai Cluster Kuching, Sarawak
505. 01st February 2021 Sibu sees drop in daily Covid-19 cases from 47 to 13 Kuching, Sarawak
506. 31st January 2021 Covid-19 in Sarawak: One fatality and 135 cases Kuching, Sarawak
507. 31st January 2021 List of premises patronised by Covid-19 cases released on Jan 31, 2021 Kuching, Sarawak
508. 30th January 2021 Sibu sees highest of 54 new Covid-19 cases linked to Pasai Cluster Kuching, Sarawak
509. 30th January 2021 One more frontliner in Sibu down with Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
510. 30th January 2021 Covid-19 reen zones in Sarawak going down to-one-digit Kuching, Sarawak
511. 29th January 2021 Weddings, engagements, birthdays among social activities not allowed during MCO, CMCO Kuching, Sarawak
512. 29th January 2021 Lockdown 2.0 will be a delicate decision between health and economic issues Kuching, Sarawak
513. 29th January 2021 Sarawak sees one Covid-19 death, total cases exceed 4k mark with 179 new cases Kuching, Sarawak
514. 28th January 2021 Sarawak records 100 recoveries; 1,693 Covid-19 patients in hospitals Kuching, Sarawak
515. 28th January 2021 Sibu records another Covid-19 death; 171 new infections in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
516. 28th January 2021 Covid-19: Next 2 to 3 weeks most critical though the end is in sight Kuching, Sarawak
517. 27th January 2021 Covid-19: Huge drop to 70 new infections but one fatality Kuching, Sarawak
518. 27th January 2021 Dalat, Bintulu, Kanowit, Beluru, Miri, Sibu, Kuching together notch up 1,702 infections Kuching, Sarawak
519. 27th January 2021 MCO in Sibu and CMCO, rest of Sarawak extended to Feb 14, 2021 Kuching, Sarawak
520. 26th January 2021 PKRC for Miri and Kanowit, Covid-19 testing capacity to be increased to 6,500 tests per day Kuching, Sarawak
521. 26th January 2021 Covid-19: S’wak Health Dept apologises for daily report discrepancy but denies negligence Kuching, Sarawak
522. 26th January 2021 Covid-19: Sarawak hit by 3 more fatalities, 205 infections Kuching, Sarawak
523. 26th January 2021 Get tested for Covid-19 if you have been to high-risk areas in the past 2 weeks Kuching, Sarawak
524. 20th January 2021 Suffering from Covid-19, infected S’wakian says public should not take virus for granted Kuching, Sarawak
525. 20th January 2021 Tiong stresses mass screening in curbing spread of Covid-19 virus Bintulu, Sarawak
526. 20th January 2021 Dr Sim suggests publishing names of people uncontactable after testing positive for Covid Kuching, Sarawak
527. 19th January 2021 Covid-19: New cases hit 156 in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
528. 19th January 2021 Dr Chin: Dedicated team formed to handle bodies of Covid-19 patients in four Sarawak hospitals Kuching, Sarawak
529. 19th January 2021 Covid-19: Kanowit district now orange zone, Subis, Belaga and Kapit turn yellow Kuching, Sarawak
530. 19th January 2021 S’wak Health Dept to provide more beds to treat Covid-19 patients in Sibu – director Kuching, Sarawak
531. 19th January 2021 Covid-19: Yet another new cluster for Sarawak with Rakut Cluster in Miri, total now 8 in state Kuching, Sarawak
532. 19th January 2021 13 Sibu Hospital staff test positive for Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
533. 18th January 2021 Uggah: Not too late for Sarawak to crush Covid-19 pandemic Kuching, Sarawak
534. 18th January 2021 Swab test samples from Sibu partially outsourced for faster results – Dr Annuar Sibu, Sarawak
535. 18th January 2021 SDMC: Beluru district now red zone, Betong district changes to yellow zone Kuching, Sarawak
536. 18th January 2021 Covid-19: Sarawak records two deaths as new cases climb to 100 Kuching, Sarawak
537. 17th January 2021 CMCO: Business events can operate with max attendance of 200 people or not exceeding 50 pct of premise capacity Kuching, Sarawak
538. 17th January 2021 Kapit folk advised to have heightened awareness on preventive measures to keep Covid-19 at bay Sibu, Sarawak
539. 17th January 2021 Gov’t and private health clinics, hospitals can operate on 24-hour basis during CMCO Kuching, Sarawak
540. 17th January 2021 Covid-19: Sarawak records 62 new cases today, involving 43 cases in Sibu Kuching, Sarawak
541. 16th January 2021 CMCO to be implemented in all divisions in Sarawak except Sibu from Jan 18-31, says Uggah Kuching, Sarawak
542. 16th January 2021 Covid-19: 69 new positive cases recorded in Sarawak today Kuching, Sarawak
543. 16th January 2021 Sarawak declares CMCO for whole state until Jan 31 Kuching, Sarawak
544. 16th January 2021 SRDC closed after staff tests positive for Covid-19 Sibu, Sarawak
545. 16th January 2021 Covid-19: Samin says focus should be on vaccination Sibu, Sarawak
546. 15th January 2021 Sarawak to continue aggressive close contact tracing Kuching, Sarawak
547. 15th January 2021 Place all red zones in Sarawak under MCO, rep tells govt Kuching, Sarawak
548. 15th January 2021 Sarawak cuts incoming flights amid surge in Covid-19 cases Kuching, Sarawak
549. 14th January 2021 Sibu districts in MCO lockdown after surge of infections Kuching, Sarawak
550. 14th January 2021 Sibu Hospital puts specialist clinics on hold to free up staff for Covid-19 patients Sibu, Sarawak
551. 14th January 2021 Sibu to undergo MCO from Jan 16 to 29 as Covid-19 cases rise Kuching, Sarawak
552. 13th January 2021 All-terrain checks and eye in the sky to check Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
553. 13th January 2021 Kuching, Sibu, Miri churches suspend services days prior to CMCO announcement Kuching, Sarawak
554. 12th January 2021 Sibu Hospital running out of space for Covid-19 patients Kuching, Sarawak
555. 12th January 2021 Agong declares state of emergency until Aug 1 to curb spread of Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
556. 12th January 2021 Sibu worst hit with 92 new Covid-19 cases today Kuching, Sarawak
557. 11th January 2021 Covid-19: Sarawak limits inbound flights from KL, Johor and Sabah Kuching, Sarawak
558. 11th January 2021  

Kuching and Sibu now red zones: Committee

Kuching, Sarawak
559. 11th January 2021 Kuching, Sibu and Miri to be placed under CMCO Kuching, Sarawak
560. 10th January 2021 Covid-19: Sarawak records highest daily cases at 55 Kuching, Sarawak
561. 09th January 2021 Sarawak records 55 Covid-19 cases today Kuching, Sarawak
562. 09th January 2021 37 Covid-19 cases detected in Pasai Siong, Sibu Kuching, Sarawak
563. 08th January 2021 Two infants among latest Sarawak Covid-19 cases Kuching, Sarawak
564. 08th January 2021 Teachers returning to S’wak must undergo quarantine for 10 days Kuching, Sarawak
565. 07th January 2021 SDMC requests NSC to upgrade 7 hospitals with Covid-19 capacity Kuching, Sarawak
566. 07th January 2021 SDMC yet to determine source of Covid-19 in rural Sri Aman Kuching, Sarawak
567. 07th January 2021 Keranji Tabuan Cluster emerges in Kuching after 5 new Covid-19 cases Kuching, Sarawak
568. 07th January 2021 Icom Square, Milan Square, GalaCity among locations visited by Covid-19 patients Kuching, Sarawak
569. 07th January 2021 Sg Putong, Bui Panjang longhouse under immediate lockdown Simanggang, Sarawak
570. 07th January 2021 Sarawak needs 400 volunteers for Covid-19 vaccine from China Kuching, Sarawak
571. 05th January 2021 Movement of Covid-19 cases in Sarawak to be made public Kuching, Sarawak
572. 31st December 2020 Covid-19: S’wak cops hunt for 5 Indonesian workers Kuching, Sarawak
573. 31st December 2020 Covid-19: RAS assistant pilot one of two Import-B cases today Kuching, Sarawak
574. 29th December 2020 Four imported Covid-19 cases in Sarawak increases tally to 1,114 Kuching, Sarawak
575. 28th December 2020 Unggah: Covid-19 cases from PATI needs to be under control Kuching, Sarawak
576. 28th December 2020 Returnee from Congo and illegal immigrant test positive for Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
577. 28th December 2020 SDMC: Flights to Sibu maintained, but we will monitor quarantine situation closely Kuching, Sarawak
578. 28th December 2020 Issue new guidelines on Covid-19 home quarantine procedure, Dr Yii tells MoH Kuching, Sarawak
579. 28th December 2020 Covid-19: 2 new imported cases recorded in Kuching district Kuching, Sarawak
580. 27th December 2020 Two Indonesians on the loose among three Covid-19 cases Kuching, Sarawak
581. 27th December 2020 Covid-19: 3 new cases detected in Sarawak today, all imported Kuching, Sarawak
582. 26th December 2020 Four returnees from Peninsular Malaysia among six Covid-19 cases Kuching, Sarawak
583. 26th December 2020 Covid-19: Bintulu, Lawas now yellow zones after local transmissions detected Kuching, Sarawak
584. 26th December 2020 Covid-19: 6 new cases in Sarawak today involving 2 local transmissions, 4 imported cases Kuching, Sarawak
585. 25th December 2020 Illegal immigrant among three imported Covid-19 cases detected in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
586. 25th December 2020 Covid-19: 3 new cases recorded in Sarawak on Christmas Day, all imported Kuching, Sarawak
587. 24th December 2020 Civil servant, returnee from Philippines are two Covid-19 cases today Kuching, Sarawak
588. 24th December 2020 Covid-19: 2 new cases detected in Sarawak today, all imported Kuching, Sarawak
589. 24th December 2020 Sungai Merah Bus Berhad: Indonesian women who tested positive for Covid-19 did not board our bus Sibu, Sarawak
590. 24th December 2020 SDMC setting up task force to help Health Dept distribute vaccine Kuching, Sarawak
591. 24th December 2020 Lee: Fight against Covid-19 still on, comply with SOP Miri, Sarawak
592. 23rd December 2020 Unggah: Taskforce to handle critical logistics of Covid-19 vaccine Kuching, Sarawak
593. 23rd December 2020 Illegal immigrant among four new Covid-19 cases reported today Kuching, Sarawak
594. 23rd December 2020 Free Covid-19 vaccine for all Sarawakians, Swak govt to foot bill for all costs involved Kuching, Sarawak
595. 23rd December 2020 Covid-19 screenings to continue at factories, plantations, construction sites Kuching, Sarawak
596. 23rd December 2020 Covid-19: 4 new cases in Sarawak today, all imported Kuching, Sarawak
597. 22nd December 2020 Covid-19: Sarawak keeps clean slate, 4 more recoveries reported Kuching, Sarawak
598. 22nd December 2020 Covid-19: SDMC urged to define “essential services” to avoid ambiguity Kuching, Sarawak
599. 21st December 2020 Covid-19: Sarawak sees zero case, Serian turns green Kuching, Sarawak
600. 20th December 2020 Sarawak sees 3 Covid-19 cases, Kuching reverts to yellow zone Kuching, Sarawak
601. 19th December 2020 Retiree in Sibu and teacher in Miri tested positive for Covid-19, Besi Cluster in Kuching ends Kuching, Sarawak
602. 18th December 2020 Passengers of QSX 6722 express bus urged to go for Covid-19 tests Kuching, Sarawak
603. 18th December 2020 Returnee from Sabah tests positive for Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
604. 17th December 2020 Sibu turns yellow with 6 new Covid-19 cases Kuching, Sarawak
605. 17th December 2020 Sibu residents furious over agent irresponsibly abandoning 4 Covid-19 positive Indonesians at bus stop Kuching, Sarawak
606. 16th December 2020 Fourth consecutive day of zero Covid-19 cases in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
607. 15th December 2020 Kuching is green as Sarawak sees zero case of Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
608. 14th December 2020 10-day quarantine period into Sarawak with immediate effect Kuching, Sarawak
609. 14th December 2020 Sarawak sees zero Covid-19 case, Greenhill Cluster ends Kuching, Sarawak
610. 13th December 2020 Sarawak sees zero Covid-19 positive case, Wisma Saberkas Cluster ends Kuching, Sarawak
611. 12th December 2020 Returning UMS student tests positive for Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
612. 11th December 2020 Filipino worker about to report for duty tests Covid-19 positive in Bintulu Kuching, Sarawak
613. 09th December 2020 No Covid-19 infections in Sarawak today, four patients recover Kuching, Sarawak
614. 08th December 2020 Twin brother of suspected illegal Indonesian among 2 imported Covid-19 cases in Kuching Kuching, Sarawak
615. 07th December 2020 Spouse of oil palm plantation worker, bulldozer operator latest Covid-19 cases in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
616. 06th December 2020 Zero Covid-19 cases reported while Kuching, Serian remain yellow zones Kuching, Sarawak
617. 06th December 2020 Covid-19: No new cases reported in Sarawak today, total tally at 1,068 Kuching, Sarawak
618. 05th December 2020 Covid-19: Baki, Seladah clusters come to an end today, 4 active clusters remain in S’wak Kuching, Sarawak
619. 05th December 2020 Covid-19: S’wak records one imported case today Kuching, Sarawak
620. 04th December 2020 Covid-19: 1 new case in Sarawak today classified as imported case involving Indonesian man Kuching, Sarawak
621. 03rd December 2020 Covid-19: 1 new case involving local transmission in Serian recorded in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
622. 03rd December 2020 Dr Yii: Govt must be transparent in delivery Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine Kuching, Sarawak
623. 02nd December 2020 Covid-19: No new cases in Sarawak today, six clusters remain active Kuching, Sarawak
624. 01st December 2020 Covid-19: Sarawak records 1 new case, local transmission in Kuching Kuching, Sarawak
625. 01st December 2020 Sarawak Energy shares its response to impact of Covid-19 at virtual summit Kuching, Sarawak
626. 30th November 2020 Covid-19: Sarawak records two new imported positive cases in Limbang district today Kuching, Sarawak
627. 29th November 2020 Sarawak churches won’t be doing house-to-house Christmas carolling this year due to Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
628. 29th November 2020 Covid-19: Sarawak records zero new positive cases for third consecutive day today Kuching, Sarawak
629. 28th November 2020 Dr Sim: Commitment of Sarawakians exemplary in curbing spread of third wave of Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
630. 28th November 2020 Covid-19: No new cases reported in Sarawak today Kuching, Sarawak
631. 28th November 2020 Dr Sim: State gov’t will ensure all Sarawakians have access to Covid-19 vaccine Kuching, Sarawak
632. 27th November 2020 Covid-19: Lawas achieves green zone status, Kuching turns from orange to yellow Kuching, Sarawak
633. 27th November 2020 Covid-19: Zero new cases in Sarawak today, six clusters still active in Kuching Kuching, Sarawak
634. 27th November 2020 Lawas gets Covid-19 all clear from MoH Miri, Sarawak
635. 26th November 2020 Covid-19: 4 new cases in Sarawak today, all imported Kuching, Sarawak
636. 25th November 2020 Covid-19: Kuching district now orange zone Kuching, Sarawak
637. 25th November 2020 Covid-19: Sarawak records 2 new imported cases in Sibu district today Kuching, Sarawak
638. 24th November 2020 Covid-19: 1 new case involving local transmission in Kuching District recorded in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
639. 23rd November 2020 Covid-19: No new cases in Sarawak for third consecutive day Kuching, Sarawak
640. 18th November 2020 Seven compounds issued in state for violating Covid-19 SOP Kuching, Sarawak
641. 18th November 2020 WHO: Covid-19 vaccines to roll out by middle of next year Kuching, Sarawak
642. 18th November 2020 ACD op at Demak Laut factory finds two Covid-19 positive cases Kuching, Sarawak
643. 18th November 2020 New Besi Cluster evolves in Kuching with three new cases today Kuching, Sarawak
644. 18th November 2020 Covid-19: 3 new positive cases in Sarawak today, all local transmissions linked to new Besi Cluster Kuching, Sarawak
645. 18th November 2020 Covid-19: New Besi Cluster emerges in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
646. 18th November 2020 Major Covid-19 active detection in Lawas today Miri, Sarawak
647. 17th November 2020 MMEA doing its part to curb Covid-19 spread Kuching, Sarawak
648. 17th November 2020 SDMC: Lundu reverts to green zone, Kuching remains as red zone Kuching, Sarawak
649. 17th November 2020 Covid-19: 1 new case classified as local transmission recorded in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
650. 17th November 2020 Kuching records one new Covid-19 case, Lundu returns to green zone status Kuching, Sarawak
651. 16th November 2020 Sarawak to enforce tighter SOPs for retail sector starting Non 18 Kuching, Sarawak
652. 16th November 2020 4-year-old in Miri tests positive for Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
653. 16th November 2020 Factory closed for sanitisation after employee confirmed positive for Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
654. 16th November 2020 Wan Junaidi: Number of new businesses registered outweighs those closed due to Covid-19 pandemic Kuching, Sarawak
655. 16th November 2020 ‘Emphasise CAPP concept in fight against Covid-19’ Miri, Sarawak
656. 15th November 2020 Three of four new Covid-19 cases linked to Kuching clusters Kuching, Sarawak
657. 15th November 2020 SDMC: Bah Arnab Cluster ends today, 5 active clusters remain Kuching, Sarawak
658. 15th November 2020 Covid-19: 4 new cases, all local transmissions, recorded in S’wak Kuching, Sarawak
659. 15th November 2020 Couple sets up ‘food bank’ to help those badly hit by Covid-19 situation Lawas, Sarawak
660. 14th November 2020 Sarawak sees four new positive cases of Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
661. 14th November 2020 Public who have visited Covid-19 hotspots advised to seek screening Kuching, Sarawak
662. 14th November 2020 SDMC renames Abell Cluster to Jalan Abell Cluster, apologises for confusion Kuching, Sarawak
663. 14th November 2020 Covid-19: 4 new cases in Sarawak today — 2 local transmissions and 2 imported cases Kuching, Sarawak
664. 14th November 2020 Make sure Covid-19 vaccine is not just available but also free for all Sarawakians, Yong tells state govt Kuching, Sarawak
665. 13th November 2020 Kampung Haji Baki villagers breathe a sigh of relief as EMCO there ends Kuching, Sarawak
666. 13th November 2020 Covid-19: 13 new cases in Sarawak today, all local transmissions Kuching, Sarawak
667. 13th November 2020 Covid-19 positives cases in Pending and Pandungan form new Abell Cluster Kuching, Sarawak
668. 13th November 2020 13 Covid-19 infections today include seven children of infected couple Kuching. Sarawak
669. 12th November 2020 EMCO lifted, sigh of relief for Kampung Haji Baki residents Kuching, Sarawak
670. 12th November 2020 Cumulative Covid-19 cases notch up to 1,019 with eight new cases today Kuching, Sarawak
671. 12th November 2020 Covid-19: 8 new cases in Sarawak today — 7 in Kuching, 1 in Lawas Kuching, Sarawak
672. 11th November 2020 14 new Covid-19 cases brings Sarawak’s tally to over 1,000 cases Kuching, Sarawak
673. 11th November 2020 CMCO-Kuching district shuts down all parks from today till Nov 22 Kuching, Sarawak
674. 11th November 2020 Covid-19: 14 new cases in Sarawak today, all local transmissions in Kuching Kuching, Sarawak
675. 10th November 2020 6-month old infant is youngest Covid-19 patient in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
676. 10th November 2020 EMCO at Kg Haji Baki extended one more week to Nov 17 Kuching, Sarawak
677. 10th November 2020 Special Contact Tracing Squad among new strategies to curb Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
678. 10th November 2020 Hidup assists less fortunate families amid Covid-19 pandemic Kuching, Sarawak
679. 09th November 2020 Covid-19 SOPs for arrivals should be applied to equally, says Chong Kuching, Sarawak
680. 09th November 2020 Sarawak sees four cases of Covid-19 today Kuching, Sarawak
681. 08th November 2020 All journalists registered to cover DUN session test negative for Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
682. 08th November 2020 Restrictions on religious activities in Kuching in effect during CMCO Kuching, Sarawak
683. 08th November 2020 No inter-district travel to, from Kuching during CMCO Kuching, Sarawak
684. 03rd November 2020 Covid-19 pandemic signal to respect nature more- Hindu spiritual counsellor Kuching, Sarawak
685. 03rd November 2020 Swinburne student tests positive for Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
686. 02nd November 2020 Covid-19: Business premises at Wisma Saberkas closed for 2 weeks Kuching, Sarawak
687. 02nd November 2020 Covid-19: Teacher and Chinese masseur among 14 new cases Kuching, Sarawak
688. 02nd November 2020 All 82 state lawmakers to undergo Covid-19 test before DUN Kuching, Sarawak
689. 02nd November 2020 Covid-19: New Wisma Saberkas Cluster identified Kuching, Sarawak
690. 02nd November 2020 Health Director: Two tests needed to ascertain Covid-19 free status Kuching, Sarawak
691. 02nd November 2020 Covid-19 pandemic sees Sarawakians turning domestic tourists Kuching, Sarawak
692. 01st November 2020 Int’l school faces temporary closure after student tests positive for Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
693. 01st November 2020 Five new Covid-19 cases in Kucing, Miri and Bintulu traced to Greenhill Cluster Kuching, Sarawak
694. 01st November 2020 EMCO: Kuching community show big hearts for Kpg Haji Baki residents, frontliners Kuching, Sarawak
695. 31st October 2020 Kuching remains red zon with 4 active clusters Kuching, Sarawak
696. 31st October 2020 Unggah: Deterring Covid-19 fake news on social media not easy Kuching, Sarawak
697. 29th October 2020 Random screenings for construction sites visited by Covid-19 case Kuching, Sarawak
698. 29th October 2020 2-year-old the youngest Covid-19 patient in Sarawak among 10 new cases today Kuching, Sarawak
699. 29th October 2020 Miri reports five positive Covid-19 cases since Oct 28, 29 Miri, Sarawak
700. 28th October 2020 Spiking Covid-19 infectious- Church suspends public religious activities Kuching, Sarawak
701. 28th October 2020 Resurgence of Covid-19 – Public, private gyms in city ordered to close Kuching, Sarawak
702. 28th October 2020 Haji Baki villagers under EMCO upbeat and ready to toe the line Kuching, Sarawak
703. 27th October 2020 Kuching reverts to red zone status as S’wak reports 16 new Covid-19 cases Kuching, Sarawak
704. 27th October 2020 Sarawak Club confirms two Covid-19 positive cases among members Kuching, Sarawak
705. 27th October 2020 New 328-bed wing in Miri hospital to ease inpatient overload in 4 hospitals Miri, Sarawak
706. 26th October 2020 7 new Covid-19 cases detected in Kuching Kuching, Sarawak
707. 26th October 2020 Covid-19: Disclosing patients’ location history helps identifying close contacts Kuching, Sarawak
708. 25th October 2020 Covid-19: SMK Wira Penrissen ordered to close for cleaning, disinfection Kuching, Sarawak
709. 25th October 2020 Seladah confirmed as state’s latest cluster with 7 cases Kuching, Sarawak
710. 25th October 2020 15 new Covid-19 cases recorded in Kuching, one in Serian Kuching, Sarawak
711. 25th October 2020 Covid-19 – Active case detection team dispatched to contain Baki cluster Kuching, Sarawak
712. 24th October 2020 SDMC: Jalan Seladah, Jalan Song construction sites Covid-19 hotspots Kuching, Sarawak
713. 24th October 2020 Covid-19 – Outbreak of new cluster, Bintulu reverts to green zone Kuching, Sarawak
714. 22nd October 2020 Charting S’wak Tourism Master Plan post-Covid Kuching, Sarawak
715. 18th October 2020 Four siblings, aged 7 to 13. Among 5 new Covid-19 cases today Kuching, Sarawak
716. 17th October 2020 Covid-19: Two children among 4 new cases today Kuching, Sarawak
717. 16th October 2020 271 close contacts to two positive Covid-19 illegal migrant workers screened Kuching, Sarawak
718. 16th October 2020 Police to track down man who breaches home quarantine Kuching, Sarawak
719. 16th October 2020 No Covid-19 cases, 2 recoveries recorded in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
720. 15th October 2020 Covid-19: Dr Sim calls for ‘black sheep’ Sarawakians to be arrested for putting lives at risk Kuching, Sarawak
721. 15th October 2020 Two illegal immigrants among 4 Covid-19 cases today Kuching, Sarawak
722. 15th October 2020 Entry restrictions into Sarawak from Peninsula, Sabah extended until Nov 15 Kuching, Sarawak
723. 14th October 2020 Police permit needed to enter Sarawak from KL, KK; Sarawak ready to assist Sabah if needed Kuching, Sarawak
724. 14th October 2020 Covid-19: More security personnel to be deployed to monitor cross-border security Kuching, Sarawak
725. 14th October 2020 Covid-19 in Sarawak from Sept 16-Oct 14: Nearly half visited Sabah Kuching, Sarawak
726. 13th October 2020 Sarawak records zero new Covid-19 cases, two recoveries Kuching, Sarawak
727. 13th October 2020 Hotels battered by Covid-19 fear ruin as mandatory quarantines imposed Kuching, Sarawak
728. 12th October 2020 Sarawak surrounded by a ring of ‘Covid-19 fire’ Kuching, Sarawak
729. 12th October 2020 SMK Bandar Bintulu closes for sanitisation after Covid-19 case detected Kuching, Sarawak
730. 12th October 2020 Emphasis on digital economy, environmental sustainability to power Sarawak’s post-Covid-19 economic recovery Kuching, Sarawak
731. 11th October 2020 Mandatory quarantine for M’sians entering S’wak Kuching, Sarawak
732. 11th October 2020 Lawas back in green as Sarawak sees zero new Covid-19 cases today Kuching, Sarawak
733. 10th October 2020 Grandchild of Covid-19 patient in Bintulu among 9 new cases in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
734. 08th October 2020 S’wak’s digitalisation initiatives cushion Covid-19 impact Kuching, Sarawak
735. 29th September 2020 Sarawak tightens entry rules amid Covid concern Kuching, Sarawak
736. 28th September 2020 Covid-19: No new cases reported in Sarawak, total tally at 706 Kuching, Sarawak
737. 28th September 2020 Abg Jo: E-commerce platforms in S’wak help mitigate negative impacts of Covid-19 pandemic Kuching, Sarawak
738. 27th September 2020 Covid-19: 2 new cases recorded in Sarawak today, total tally at 706 Kuching, Sarawak
739. 27th September 2020 Two new cases in Lawas Kuching, Sarawak
740. 26th September 2020 S’wak on red alert of those returning after Sabah polls Kuching, Sarawak
741. 26th September 2020 10 fined for violating SOPs at Bintulu entertainment outlet Sibu, Sarawak
742. 25th September 2020 Sarawak on high alert for Covid-19 as many expected to return after Sabah polls Kuching, Sarawak
743. 24th September 2020 Covid-19: Sarawak steps up measures to monitor visitors from Sabah Kuching, Sarawak
744. 22nd September 2020 SDMC refutes allegations of lax contact tracing for Sabah Covid-19 patient Kuching, Sarawak
745. 22nd September 2020 SDMC: We acted immediately upon learning test results of Sandakan Covid-19 case Kuching, Sarawak
746. 22nd September 2020 Covid-19: 2 new cases detected in Sarawak, Kuching District now a yellow zone Kuching, Sarawak
747. 21st September 2020 Yayasan Ikhlas hands over 12,500 PPE suits to Sarawak Covid-19 frontliners Kuching, Sarawak
748. 21st September 2020 SDMC: Foreigners entering S’wak via KLIA required to undergo quarantine in KL first Kuching, Sarawak
749. 21st September 2020 Hawkers badly hit by Covid-19 Sibu, Sarawak
750. 20th September 2020 Sarawak marks zero Covid-19 patients in ICU today Kuching, Sarawak
751. 18th September 2020 Travellers from, through Sabah must take Covid-19 test starting Monday Kuching, Sarawak
752. 14th September 2020 Benteng cluster accounts for 17 of 31 new Covid-19 reported Kuching, Sarawak
753. 12th September 2020 Covid-19: Kuching turns green, no new local transmission for 14th day Kuching, Sarawak
754. 11th September 2020 Campaign to prevent Covid-19 launched Kota Samarahan, Sarawak
755. 8th September 2020 ‘Make use of COVIDTrace digital app’ Kuching, Sarawak
756. 02nd September 2020 Ismail Sabri: Sarawak quarantine procedure only for Malaysians returning from overseas Kuching, Sarawak
757. 02nd September 2020 Covid-19: No new cases in Sarawak today, Alam Cluster in Bintulu still active Kuching, Sarawak
758. 31st August 2020 Covid-19: No new cases reported in Sarawak today, total at 699 Kuching, Sarawak
759. 31st August 2020 62 fined for not obeying SOPs Kuching, Sarawak
760. 31st August 2020 No new Covid-19 case, one active cluster Kuching, Sarawak
761. 31st August 2020 One new positive case Kuching, Sarawak
762. 30th August 2020 Fadillah dismisses PKR leader’s claims on Covid-19, hospital projects in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
763. 28th August 2020 No quarantine for Malaysians travelling to Sarawak from Sept 1 Kuching, Sarawak
764. 24th August 2020 Bintulu turns yellow Kuching, Sarawak
765. 24th August 2020 12 private health facilities can conduct screening Kuching, Sarawak
766. 24th August 2020 Five new Covid-19 cases in Sarawak, Bintulu now a yellow zone Kuching, Sarawak
767. 24th August 2020 ‘Watch rat trails’ Kuching, Sarawak
768. 24th August 2020 Five more positive cases Kuching, Sarawak
769. 24th August 2020 Sarawak Detects Five Unlinked Covid-19 Cases Kuching, Sarawak
770. 23rd August 2020 Three positive cases Kuching, Sarawak
771. 22nd August 2020 New case a brief setback Kuching, Sarawak
772. 21st August 2020 Sarawak reports one new Covid-19 case in Kuching Kuching, Sarawak
773. 20th August 2020 Covid-19: New Sarawak cluster proclaimed Kuching, Sarawak
774. 19th August 2020 Day 5 zero streak Kuching, Sarawak
775. 17th August 2020 Sarawak’s streak continues Kuching, Sarawak
776. 16th August 2020 RC churches resume services Kuching, Sarawak
777. 15th August 2020 All 2,762 close contacts of 10 Covid-19 clusters in Sarawak identified Miri, Sarawak
778. 15th August 2020 Covid-19: Kuching Medical Centre Cluster ends in Sarawak, zero new cases today Kuching, Sarawak
779. 13th August 2020 Covid-19: Sarawak a green state again Kuching, Sarawak
780. 12th August 2020 Covid-19: Sarawak a green zone again Kuching, Sarawak
781. 10th August 2020 No new Covid-19 case Kuching, Sarawak
782. 10th August 2020 Inter-zone movement from Aug 15 Kuching, Sarawak
783. 10th August 2020 Sarawak launches first international journal on responsible tourism Kuching, Sarawak
784. 10th August 2020 Sarawak hopes hotel trade will recover after flights return to normal Kuching, Sarawak
785. 10th August 2020 Sarawak Covid-19 cases back to zero today Kuching, Sarawak
786. 10th August 2020 Flights into Sarawak to resume after Aug 14 if no drastic increase in Covid-19 cases, says state tourism minister Kuching, Sarawak
787. 10th August 2020 Covid-19: No new positive cases recorded in Sarawak today Kuching, Sarawak
788. 10th August 2020 Sarawak to allow inter-zone movement beginning Aug 15 Kuching, Sarawak
789. 09th August 2020 Cut in Sarawak flights leaves hotels ‘bleeding’ Kuching, Sarawak
790. 08th August 2020 Covid-19: 1 new positive in Sarawak today involving imported case from Pakistan Kuching, Sarawak
791. 08th August 2020 Police continue to man roadblocks throughout Sarawak, turn away 15 vehicles without inter-zone travel permits Kuching, Sarawak
792. 08th August 2020 Village heads in Sarawak given policing power Kuching, Sarawak
793. 04th August 2020 Covid-19: S’wak forms multi-agency task force to ensure SOP compliance Miri, Sarawak
794. 29th July 2020 Spike in Covid-19 unnerving Kuching, Sarawak
795. 29th July 2020 Church visit to check SOP on compliance Sibu, Sarawak
796. 25th July 2020 Over 382,200 calls received Kuching, Sarawak
797. 24th July 2020 Closed until further notice Kuching, Sarawak
798. 24th July 2020 Giving back to frontliners Kuching, Sarawak
799. 24th July 2020 Penans donate to Covid-19 fund Miri, Sarawak
800. 24th July 2020 Sarawak records nine new Covid-19 cases on Friday Kuching, Sarawak
801. 21th July 2020 Mandatory face mask in public places? Kuching, Sarawak
802. 16th July 2020 21,500 face masks from Yunan govt Kuching, Sarawak
803. 12th July 2020 Covid-19: Two cases, one new cluster identified in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
804. 12th July 2020 Dr Sim urges those exposed to Covid-19 to get tasted at designed govt clinics Kuching, Sarawak
805. 11th July 2020 ‘Sanitisation works prove effective in containing Covid-19 spread’ Miri, Sarawak
806. 09th July 2020 Soppoa members practices Covid-19 prevention measures, donate RM500,000 to SDMC Kuching, Sarawak
807. 08th July 2020 Comply with Covid-19 SOPs to regain tourists’ confidence, Ting urges S’wak tourist guides Miri, Sarawak
808. 24th June 2020 Case in Miri was imported Kuching, Sarawak
809. 21st June 2020 Kidurong covid-19 cluster cases in Bintulu now up to eight, Sarawak says Kuching, Sarawak
810. 14th May 2020 Download COVIDTrace app to fight Covid-19 in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
811. 13th May 2020 Covid-19: One new case in Sibu after two consecutive days with no cases Kuching, Sarawak
812. 13th May 2020 Public urged to be ‘eyes’ for authorities to prevent second Covid-19 wave Kuching, Sarawak
813. 13th May 2020 No compromise on Covid-19 testing for foreign workers: Masing Kuching, Sarawak
814. 12th May 2020 Wristbands, compulsory quarantine among measures to prevent second wave of Covid-19 infections Kuching, Sarawak
815. 12th May 2020 Covid-19: Second day in a row with no new cases, 6 recoveries, Limbang now green zone Kuching, Sarawak
816. 12th May 2020 Supplementary Supply bills fail to address sectors impacted by Covid-19: Chong Kuching, Sarawak
817. 11th May 2020 No new positive Covid-19 case in Sarawak, Bintulu turns green Kuching, Sarawak
818. 11th May 2020 Sarawak’s Covid-19 curve flattening but Unggah warns not to be complacent Kuching, Sarawak
819. 10th May 2020 Covid-19: Sarawak records one positive case, economic sectors must adhere to CMCO guidelines Kuching, Sarawak
820. 09th May 2020 Tebedu sees two Covid-19 cases, Kota Samarahan turns yellow Kuching, Sarawak
821. 09th May 2020 2,100 people in Kampung Tabuan Lot screened for Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
822. 08th May 2020 Kuching adds one more positive case of Covid-19 today Kuching, Sarawak
823. 07th May 2020 Sarawakians thank frontliners in fight against Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
824. 07th May 2020 Volunteers played vital part in helping frontliners fight Covid-19 Kuching, Sarawak
825. 07th May 2020 Post Covid-10 exit strategy meant to set Sarawak’s economic direction only Kuching, Sarawak
826. 07th May 2020 Covid-19: Lundu turns yellow; Asajaya, Sri Aman turn green Kuching, Sarawak
827. 06th May 2020 State govt’s initial post-Covid-19 economic strategy gets thumbs down from Chong Kuching, Sarawak
828. 06th May 2020 Covid-19: Recoveries outpace new cases by tree tomes as much, one new fatality reported Kuching, Sarawak
829. 06th May 2020 Covid-19: 8 healthcare workers among 11 new positive cases Kuching, Sarawak
830. 06th May 2020 Sarawak govt to expand mining, digital sectors as post-Covid-19 exit plan Kuching, Sarawak
831. 05th May 2020 Authorities tracking down one individual yet to undergo Covid-19 testing after Kota Samarahan ACD ops Kuching, Sarawak
832. 04th May 2020 New Covid-19 clusters identified in BDC, Kota Samarahan, Simunjan Kuching, Sarawak
833. 04th May 2020 No new Covid-19 cases for first time in Sarawak since March 13 Kuching, Sarawak
834. 03rd May 2020 Sibu now Covid-19 yellow zone after recording one new Kuching, Sarawak
835. 03rd May 2020 Healthcare worker among five new Covid-19 positive cases in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
836. 03rd May 2020 Covid-19: State govt reduces inbound flights to support quarantine measures for arrivals Kuching, Sarawak
837. 2nd May 2020 Sarawak records 9 new Covid-19 cases, 19 recoveries Kuching, Sarawak
838. 01st May 2020 2 new Covid-19 cases and zero fatality today Kuching, Sarawak
839. 01st May 2020 Twice tested positive, twice negative, the peculiar Covid-19 case of Debak Kuching, Sarawak